I’m Tarol Warschauer,

Marketing & Events Specialist

at Brown Marketing Strategies, Inc .

Outreach Coordination & Management

Event Planning & Logistics

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Promotional & Media Outreach

About me
Work Experience

Tarol is joining the Brown Marketing Strategies team on August 27, 2018 after two decades in the broadcast industry, where she managed station advertising, sponsorship, and events for station campaigns and programs. She graduated with a B.A., Communications at the University of California.

About me

As a marketing and event specialist, her scope includes managing the marketing, partnerships, and logistics of client events and promotions. Through her professional experience, Tarol has developed excellent campaign strategies, event logistics, and partnership development skills.

What I’m Best At
Career Highlights

  • Two decades in the broadcast industry
  • Facilitated execution of details for station events, the largest being Country Fest

What I’m Best At
Career Highlights Continued

  • Created tailored broadcast proposals for local and national advertisers
  • Planned fundraising campaign for a statewide organization, enlisting donations from broadcast stations

In her free time, Tarol loves to ride her bike at the beach, check out new breweries and practice yoga.