I’m Julia Woods,

Marketing & Outreach Assistant

at Brown Marketing Strategies, Inc .

Community & Corporate Outreach

Support Event Planning & Logistics

Communications Assistance

Research & Analysis Assistance

About me
Work Experience

Julia has been a marketing and outreach assistant for BMS since July of 2018.  As a marketing and outreach assistant, Julia  assists with planning and promoting events and  outreach

About me

Her responsibilities include pre-event onsite logistics, coordinating outreach staffing,  and post-event activities, engaging in community outreach at client tabling and special events,  educating attendees on the client’s services,  products, and promotions.

What I’m Best At
Career Highlights

  • Entrepreneurial background
  • Created marketing materials and social media pages

What I’m Best At
Career Highlights Continued

  • Represented clients and organizations at Outreach events

Julia is native to Arkansas but now calls San Diego home. She loves to go to the beach, hike, shop, and travel in her free time. Fun fact about her is that she has two different colored eyes!