Content Ideas for When You are Fresh Out of Ideas

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Content Ideas for When You are Fresh Out of Ideas

We have all been there. We have spent countless hours coming up with creative content ideas for all the different platforms: YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Sometimes it can feel like we spend more time thinking about what to post than we do creating posts. You’ll look to Instagram or Pinterest for ideas and end up scrolling down into a black hole only to emerge hours later feeling overwhelmed. In situations like these, it helps to have a list of ideas, content pillars if you will, to refer to when you’re feeling lost, uninspired, or creatively drained. We have curated a list of content ideas for you to reference when you are fresh out of ideas.


Show Your Expertise

You are you, and that is your power. That applies directly to creating content. You may be one of a million real estate agents, marketing consultants, or graphic designers in your area, but you may also be the only one in your immediate circle. You may be the person someone thinks of when asked if they know a good real estate agent, marketing consultant, or graphic designer, so don’t be afraid to share content that shows your expertise to remind people of that.


Top Tips for What You Do

If you’re a realtor, you could share your top tips for a successful open house. You can write a blog post on this, create an infographic about it to share on social, as well as a how-to video. If you own a small boutique this could be 5 ways to style a leather skirt that you turn into an IGTV video or Instagram Reel.


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Hit Them With Facts

Share information about your line of work in the form of a fact or stat post. Statistics can often times surprise people and make for intriguing and shareable content. For example, did you know that how-to tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content? (According to Hootsuite blog “44 Instagram Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2021) Think about some of the most interesting facts or statistics about your business and turn them into a post. Chances are your followers will find it interesting too.


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Answer a FAQ

What are some of the most common questions people ask about your business? For us. some common questions are, “How much should I be spending on Facebook ads? How do I increase traffic to my website?“ Listening to the questions your customers or your followers have can inspire great content. Take those frequently asked questions, go live on Instagram and start answering them or put the answers into a text graphic and share it on all your social platforms.


Get Real

Share behind the scenes content! Show people what a day in your life is like. Walk them through your work from home routine or take them on site. Creating behind the scenes content helps facilitate a connection between you and your followers. A great example of this comes from Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry. On Instagram stories, she walked her followers through her gem sourcing process and gave a behind the scenes look at how her jewelry is made. Check out her “manufacturing” highlight on Instagram to see this smart way she showcases her content.


Social Proof (Testimonial)

97% of consumers read customer reviews and look for recommendations on Instagram prior to making a purchase. Make use of people who have worked with you in the past by using their reviews as social media content. If you can convince someone to record themselves talking about your products or services, even better! Remember, video is king.


Company Culture

Not every industry is glamorous. At the end of the day, it is much more fun to browse and look at clothes or gadgets on Instagram than it is to browse through the posts of your local plumber. We hear this from potential clients all the time. “We haven’t been posting on social media, we just don’t think it’s worth it, and our industry is boring.” When we hear this, our go-to golden nugget of information is to focus on company culture. Maybe your industry is boring, but we bet the people who work for you are interesting. Also, nothing looks better than a company that cares about its employees. Post team member bios, ask them interesting questions about themselves, have them do a social takeover showing what their work from home life is like, and highlight their accomplishments. Make your people your social power.


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Relatable Quotes

People love sharing quotes. Quote posts are short, relatable, engaging, and help create brand voice. If you can’t show it, say it. Even if your post doesn’t get any comments, it’s almost guaranteed to get shares and that alone helps with engagement.


Stock Imagery

Using stock imagery as a social media post was once considered taboo, but now it is being used by more brands than ever before. The upside to using stock imagery in your content strategy is the creativity it adds to your feed and the time it saves you on content creation. There are plenty of stock libraries to choose from such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.


We hope these content ideas help you fill your feed but don’t forget to listen to your followers too. Be sure to check your post insights to see what types of content receives the most engagement from your followers and create accordingly. For added insight, you can track the effectiveness of your social media efforts via Google Analytics. (We love this guide). Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips.